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We operate a 20,000 SqFt cutting edge studio & workshop premises, with all our services under one roof.


CNC Routing

Almost every project we undertake will make it's way to our in-house 3-Axis CNC Machine, in part or in full. Our machine is full equipped to handle a variety of materials and can perform services including milling, cutting and drilling.


As our designs are exported from 3D modelling software, we utilise the CNC to ensure ultra-accurate results and to allow us to incorporate smart design features in every part. 

We have a number of operators in-house to keep the machine running and projects moving, helping our clients hit those tight deadlines.

Carpentry & Fabrication

We've invested in our facilities and faculty to provide our clients with the best experiential design services around: We have a full workshop in-house, complete with a team of trained professionals who are eager to take on a new challenge.

Overseeing the workshop is our Production Director, Matt, who has over 30 years of industry experience under his belt. As a master of his craft, Matt leads the production team and sets the bar high for every job that finds it way to the workshop.

Image by Dominik Scythe
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Spray Bay

Our in-house Spray Bay is fully equipped to handle all varieties of projects, ranging from exhibition stands to high end designer furniture.  We have access to a full catalogue of different paints and have invested in high-end equipment, which means your wish is our command.


Facilities include the surface preparation zone, our integrated factory-level spray booth and the controlled drying room, big enough to fit any sized project.


Managing the Spray Bay is Dan, an expert in his field who is the ultimate perfectionist.  He make sure that any job that comes his way doesn't leave the Bay until he's happy.

Electronics & Technology

Almost every single one of our projects involves electronics in some form, including automation, lighting, sound and mechatronics; we've done it all!


We love to experiment with new technologies and incorporate the latest trends in order to create the best possible experience for our clients.

Our in-house electronics expert is Lucas, a seasoned set builder and mechanical mastermind. Whether it's programming an autonomous robotic arm, or wiring up a light-box the size of London, he's often the brains behind it.

Image by Nicolas Thomas
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