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Transforming Ida for John Lewis

The Challenge

To transform an elderly, much-loved family caravan into the event stage and centrepiece for the John Lewis summer roofgarden.    


The Solution

‘Ida’ arrived looking a little jaded and past her best, featuring gaffer tape and a multitude of different ‘finishes’. Into the workshop she went, to be stripped down to her original vintage bones ready for modification. Her roof was sanded and renewed for weatherproofing, metal frames were forged and added to the walls and bespoke swing doors opened up the front to the viewing public. The floor was strengthened to safely support performers and external walls were removed and individually restored. Our spray-bay gave Ida a full re-spray and, voila! 

Ida was rebuilt in her final position, overlooking the West End from the 5th floor roof garden of John Lewis on London’s Oxford Street. Bespoke wooden flooring and upcycled, hand-stencilled wooden benches completed the stage area. 

With sustainability and recycling a top priority for us, restoring Ida into an event stage was a fantastically rewarding project, and nothing short of a labour of love! 

Client: John Lewis

PHOTO-2019-04-26-15-06-28 copy.jpg


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