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What's In Store?

Microsoft - What's In Store? - Realise Live

The Challenge

To design, fabricate and install a giant interactive billboard at Granary Square, King’s Cross, to intrigueand excite, ahead of the opening of Microsoft’s London flagship store.

The Solution

It was the stuff of dreams for our in-house teams with the solution a finely-balanced combination of bespoke technology and calculated structural engineering. 

The huge billboard, engineered from a steelwork frame, MDF and 100kg toughened glass panes, measured a whopping 6m in length and 3.5m in height. Powered entirely by roof-mounted solar panels, complicated tech included motion sensors, internal mechanisms and programmed LED light sequences – a labour of love for our in-house coding whizz. Inside, 8,000 hand-folded ‘What’s in store?’ gift boxes, were ready and waiting to drop into the hands of excited consumers.  

Visual impact and a unique, engagement mechanic ensured this activation was a huge success, with queues snaking away as visitors waited to get their hands on their own little box. A sterling effort from the team, using an entire gamut of skills with unfaltering morale.


What a project, we’re proud as punch to have been involved.  

Client: Exposure

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