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A new year and a new decade

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

January has certainly started with a bang here at Realise Live and we thought before we plunge into the upcoming year it was worth a moment or two to take stock of all we achieved in 2019 and more importantly what 2020 has in store!

2019 saw us deliver well over 100 small, medium and large scale activations at events across the UK and EU. A combination of design, fabrication, installation and storage projects encompassing festivals, retail special builds and PR stunts meant there wasn’t a dull moment last year and we used every inch of our 25,000 sq ft facility in Surrey to deliver our clients’ creative visions and bring them to life.

Our distinctive format of having consistent workshop crew that work both on fabrication and the install continues to deliver fantastic results with the team continuing to build, finish, tour and manage the projects with unsurpassed pride and care – delivering peace of mind for our clients that our unwavering high standards continue from brief, through design, into manufacture and installation.

Our huge mezzanine area continues to provide safe storage for our clients projects, driving greater ROI and green credentials for them through the ongoing use of items where possible for multiple events.

The CNC machine department has been in constant high demand and was further bolstered through the training of Alfie, our new CNC technician to complement our resident guru Gethin. Alfie has already been part of the workshop team for the past year and has now decided to specialise. The CNC machine continues to offer a premium and efficient manufacturing method with an unsurpassed level of finish. Our spray bay was also pretty much booked throughout the year so our in-house manager Dan was kept extremely busy spraying in excess of 300 litres of paint! We have been making some positive changes in our spray bay department as we recently became HVLP compliant which reduces environmental waste and emissions. Exciting news also to follow with regard to the paint we use as standard, to ensure we continue to challenge ourselves to find the most environmentally friendly ways of working – stay tuned for more news on that!

Looking ahead, one of the key trends in 2020 is that of sustainability. A global focus that transcends every industry category, it is nonetheless of crucial importance to us in the events industry and more specifically to us as a company and individuals here at Realise Live. We will be delving more deeply in an upcoming blog on how we as a company are continuously striving to minimise our impact on the environment through our materials, processes and approach in this new decade.

So, not only are we starting a new year but also a new decade! 2020 is already off to a flying start and together with our wonderful crew and all our fantastic clients, we cannot wait to see what the rest of the year will hold.

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