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Wet, muddy team building.

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Most agencies reward their hard-working team with a night out on the town and a few beers… not this one! Whilst we have been known to adopt this tact in the past, we felt it was time for something new! And what better way to get our team all fired up than to enter them into Tough Mudder!

Honestly, there were some initial reservations, but when our Co-Founder and MD Mark rose to the challenge, it was not long before the rest of the team followed suit. We weren’t sure if they fancied the challenge or just wanted to see Mark fall flat on his face in the mud but either way, it was on.

Those of us not competing prayed for rain in the days leading up to the race. Unfortunately, our prayers weren’t answered so we had to rely on the course to provide as much wet and muddy conditions as possible.

The day was amazing and it was definitely a team effort as the ‘mudders’ helped each other over large walls, scale hay bales, crawl through mud and barbed wire. Half way round, and a few choice words later, there were certainly a few muddy limbs, though not as many as we’d hoped for. The second half of the course however, was much more satisfying!

The air was charged with excitement, as Mark who had been bragging that he could do the course without getting muddy, had to dive under pipework into a pool of mud. This was most definitely the highlight of the day!

Another highlight was when office prankster, Darren, offered Rob a helping hand out of the mud ‘accidentally’ pushing him back in. Revenge will be sweet!

Pained but happy (and relieved) faces crossed the finish line and were greeted with fresh towels, a well needed shower and a well-deserved beer.

A big thanks to the team for giving up their Saturday for some team bonding and a lot of fun. Now to get everyone signed up for next year!

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