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Medivet at London Vet Show ‘18

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

It is no secret that we are fans of furry friends…with resident office-dog Barney in place as Head of Security / Director of Leftovers it was always going to get our tails wagging to receive a brief from Medivet.

Our brief was to design Medivet’s space at the London Vet Show 2018, including an open, comfortable, café-style area, private areas, a living wall, retro furniture along with a concrete-style floor.

Our design team went straight to work and, using SketchUp, our 3D modeling software, we were able to bring the vision of the stand to life in all its technical glory. We then created a fly-through to demonstrate exactly how the stand would appear on the day. This is one of the most important stages in our process, and something we are proud to be able to offer to all our clients. It really helps visualise exactly how a brand experience will look, in an often very crowded event environment.

We implemented a concrete-style vinyl design for the floor to give an industrial chic feel, whilst being cost effective and easy to clean for any coffee related incidents! A living wall was created from a metal lattice, each plant then secured via velcro onto an individual acrylic flat in each space on the wall. We used paneled white tension fabric within the structure to create a private area for meetings and the whole space was designed with a comfortable, social environment in mind.

Lighting is fundamental to any event space, and so for this particular brief we installed spotlights on the interior of the stand beams to shine down and provide a boost of light whilst hanging black pedant lampshades provided a touch of cafe style as well as auxiliary light.

Finishing touches and authenticity are vital to all of our projects and we believe in using specialists for specialist jobs to ensure we deliver a premium finish. To achieve the brick wall finish for the café vibe, the easy option would have been to simply purchase a roll of brick-esque wallpaper to apply to wall panels. But that would have felt inauthentic! So Instead, we used vac-form bricks for the 3D texture and then set our scenic painters to work to painstaking hand-paint the walls. The result was fantastic, with every brick individually painted it really gave the real-brick feel desired.

Other finishing touches included a chalkboard artist to complete the final chalkboard artwork, real instead of fake plants for the living wall and trained baristas offering top quality coffee to attendees.

Design, fabrication, installation and de-rig all managed by Realise Live, resulting in one happy client:

“Thank you to you and your team helping with London Vet Show, everyone complimented the stand and it was a real success…We have really enjoyed working with you all”

Jenny Wallis Events Executive


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