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Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Dan has been with the Realise Live team for 5 years now and, it has to be said, is one of our biggest characters! Team prankster, and manager of our in-house spray booth, he certainly provides us with a fair share of entertainment!

Dan has had a somewhat ‘eclectic’ career to date. He started out in security before moving quickly into a prestigious role at the MOD (of which he sworn to secrecy). He then became a fitness instructor and, realising he looked pretty good with minimal clothing, also tried his hand as a butler in the buff – sorry ladies those days were short lived! He then found a role at a set design company, which is where his love of all things production started. From building flight cases, to training on the CNC machine, Dan arrived at our offices with one goal – to make a mark! And that he has done – in more ways than one!

He started out working in our installations team, and was one day asked to spray paint an item for a client. From this moment on he has never looked back. Unbeknown to the management team, Dan was opening up the workshop at evenings and weekends to learn the art of spray-painting. Several courses and a whole lot of skill later, Dan now runs our in-house spray booth.

When asked what the favourite part of his job is – he will be quick to tell you he loves nothing more than shutting the doors of the booth, pumping up the music (a choice selection) and getting on with his work without being disrupted. Woe betide anyone who enters ‘The Dan Cave’ without prior permission!

In the short time the spray booth has been open (2 months now), Dan has single handily painted over 1400 items, each item requiring a minimum of 4 coats of paint. That’s a whole lot of paint! So much paint that when asked about the worst part of his job, his response is the fact the paint gets EVERYWHERE and is apparently exceedingly difficult to remove. He said he often returns home with a multi coloured beard, a multi coloured car, and is forbidden to touch anything until he has scrubbed down! In a bid to keep his house free of paint he is known to strip at the front door, where paint has been discovered in numerous places, some too inappropriate to mention!!

As our in-house production capabilities continue to grow with client demand, so too does the spray booth usage. In fact, just last week Dan’s spray-painting dream came true when he got to paint his first car. A three-wheel tuk tuk entered the booth having seen much better days and left a pure shade of white, as did Dan!

Plans for the future – Dan would like the challenge of spray painting some really large items. Fingers crossed for some challenging client briefs!

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