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Roof Fest London!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

When John Lewis approached us to transform an old caravan into a bespoke stage for their summer roof top festival, naturally we jumped at the chance! With sustainability and recycling being a top priority at Realise Live, this was a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate how even the shabbiest of structures can be made beautiful.

Our friends at John Lewis sourced the original caravan – a much-loved caravan who had been at the heart of a family’s holidays for three generations and was named after their beloved grandmother – “Ida”. She arrived looking a little jaded around the edges but we could see past the rust and gaffer tape her potential! Ida still boasted a full original interior but overall we needed to modify/revamp whilst maintaining her vintage DNA and original retro look and feel. We started with a full strip down to take her back to her retro bones.

We modified the chassis so it could fit into the access lift and added metal frames to the walls to enable us to add the bespoke swing door arms – these would allow the public to see the performer on stage inside. A new roof and floor was also constructed and installed to ensure she was both weatherproof and able to host her performance guests and gig kit comfortably.

Once we had ensured Ida was safe and strong, we could get on with the more glamorous side of the make-over. Ida enjoyed a full body re-spray in our Realise Live Spray Bay and suddenly she looked as if she was back to her glory days!

Once Ida arrived onto the John Lewis roof garden in Oxford Street, she was carefully placed and securely fitted into her bespoke wooden flooring.

The final styling touches were added by the John Lewis team to give a welcoming and inviting feel – all products used are John Lewis products available in store to allow consumers to browse products they could purchase.

To pay homage to this grand lady’s origins, we added an “Ida” name sticker and a number plate with the year John Lewis was founded to celebrate Ida joining the John Lewis family.

So if you feel like taking full advantage of the British spring/summer season, come and enjoy live performances from DJ sets to acoustic sessions covering an exciting mix of genres. Also taking to the stage are comedians, poets, drag acts, magicians, dancers, contortionists and open mic nights.

You can also enjoy Filipino-Inspired Street Food and even book a VIP Private Dining package by booking an intimate den (Choose from the Cherry Blossom, Soho, or Garden Den) for a couple of hours to soak up the food, drinks and ambience.

Other activities include mixology, massage, meditation, fitness, nail art, body art and festival make up.

We, John Lewis & Partners Gardening Society and, of course, Ida, look forward to welcoming you soon!



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