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Ocean Rescue

The Challenge

To design, build and manage an experiential sponsorship area with ‘Poly’ firmly at centre stage, in support of the Volvo round the world sailing race, sponsored by Sky.

The Solution

11 shipping containers, one living wall, a giant plastic whale and a lot of beach pebbles later, we created a completely immersive experience where children and adults alike, could learn about the damage plastic is doing to our oceans. 


Visitors had the opportunity to have their views heard by recording a short news piece on camera. We added to the experience with a custom-made animated neon wall, name the whale voting booth (Poly won!) and a bespoke infinity room. The infinity room contained floor to ceiling mirrors and a video wall mounted to the ceiling with a custom CGI video of an underwater scene. The scene gradually filled up with plastic to really hit home the Sky Ocean Rescue message.

Client: OneGreenBean & Sky Ocean Rescue

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